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X-Rays and Intraoral cameras

Green, Safe Full-Picture Dental Care: Digital X-rays & Intraoral Camera

There is a huge diagnostic value in having dental X-rays. With X-rays not only can you diagnose cavities, bone disease and infections, but also tumors and cancers of the bone, fractures and malformations. Dr. Aver is extremely conscious about the harmful effects of radiation, and for that reason she minimizes the amount of X-rays taken based on individual cases. She uses digital and Panorex X-rays for the following reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly (no more films and chemicals)

  • Reduced radiation exposure for the patients (up to 90%)

  • Reduced wait time for image processing resulting in shorter appointments for patients

  • Better diagnosis; ability to magnify views and change contrast on the computer

  • Comfortable soft intraoral films

  • More accurate positioning

  • External x-ray Panorex

  • Ability to save, store and easy transfer images


Intraoral Cameras

While digital X-rays provide very useful information about what is happening with a patient’s teeth and bone, an Intraoral (IO) camera goes a step further in exposing details that X-rays can not show or the naked eye can not see.

An IO camera can reveal: bacterial leakage around mercury fillings, decay and microbial leakage around old plastic filling, cavities around crowns, cracks and fractures on and around the teeth before and during replacement of the existing restorations.

It assists in viewing and diagnosing hard to notice areas of the teeth and gums. It allows our patients to see what we can see and allows them to make conscious decisions about their treatment.

IO camera also allows Dr. Aver to save the image on a patient’s file for comparing purposes at later appointments. IO images also support the evidence of condition, diagnosis and treatment for the insurance reimbursement purpose.

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