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Individualized Testing

Because knowledge is power. Understanding the details of each patient's specific needs allows us to better customize treatment to achieve your health goals.

Sensitivities & Toxicity

Dr. Aver and Dr. Ganzman recognize that each patient is an individual with their own personal sensitivities and medical history. Allergies, chemical sensitivities, or an already burden immune system are carefully considered when treating a patient. Likewise, our doctors understand that each person is an individual with their unique biochemistry. Therefore a substance which may have little or no effect on one person may be a source of health concerns for another. Our office avoids or minimizes exposure to toxic materials by using biocompatible substances that are compatible with our bodies when possible.

In dentistry a wide variety of foreign materials may be used. These include anesthetics, bonding agents, sutures, and an assortment of restoration materials. Many people may have little or no adverse reaction to them, however there are those who do.

There are also many dental materials used which are toxic to all humans, but may be considered “safe” when ingested in such small quantities. These toxins may appear to have no immediate effect until the level of toxicity becomes too high for one’s immune system to handle. It is important to avoid exposure, even in small quantities, to toxic and foreign materials, especially those with personal sensitivity.

Our doctors take special care to consider which products, materials and treatments are most appropriate for each patient.

Biocompatibility Testing

Our office offers biocompatibility testing of dental materials. The test, which is done a minimum of 2 weeks prior to any dental treatment, requires blood drawn by a medical lab. The results give us a list of all commonly used materials and whether the patient’s body showed reactivity to specific chemical groups, and if a patient is or is not well suited to over 2,000 dental materials. 

Utilizing testing and research, the doctors will work with each patient to determine what is the most appropriate biocompatible restorative material for them.

If a patient chooses not to test, we can not guarantee that materials will be compatible. However, the doctors will present options based on materials that are found to be the most compatible for the greatest number of patients.


Saliva Testing

While our office always encourages the best dental hygiene possible, there is always the possibility of factors outside of a patient's hygiene that is affecting their dental health. Our office has partnered with a lab that is able to do various testing using a saliva sample taken in office so that we can try to identify what other factors may be at play.

Genetic testing is available for detecting increased genetic risk for gum disease or periodontal infections and genetic markers for an increased inflammatory response. 

Tests are also available for identifying specific pathogens in the mouth such as candida or particular bacteria known to increase the risk of developing cavities.

These results can be an invaluable tool for creating an even more individualized plan of treatment with a higher chance for success.

Microscopic Plaque Analysis

As part of our biological approach to dental treatment, we analyze the plaque that forms around the teeth and gum line to evaluate your oral wellness. We will collect a small sample to put under a microscope to look for bacteria (germs), fungi (molds) and parasites (protozoa).

These bacteria, fungi, and parasites are all around us just like the common cold virus. When our immune system is “under the weather” they can take hold and start periodontal disease with symptoms such as bleeding swelling, pockets and recession.

The analysis will help us understand what is present or more prevalent in your oral flora and what might be causing certain oral health conditions. This way our doctors can make specific recommendations to deal with the specific microorganisms in your mouth.

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