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Holistic Pediatric Dentistry 

Holistic Care for the Whole Family

A holistic, natural approach to health care is typically a way of life adopted by the whole family and is why our office provides alternative, biological dental care for the entire family.

As dentists and mothers, Dr. Aver and Dr. Ganzman understand that overall health, nutrition, behavior, and environment all have an impact on the well-being of children. Just as they look at the whole-body of adult patients, our doctors approach pediatric dentistry holistically.

Why a Holistic Dentist is the Best Choice for Children?

Today our world is filled with toxins, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. It is important to our overall health to limit the exposure to toxins, especially in growing children and young adults. We take pride in providing a safe office environment for all our patients.

What can you expect?


Dr. Aver and Dr. Ganzman are committed to educating parents and children about natural oral wellness that allows for a lifetime of good dental healthcare.

Learn about the Dangers of Fluroide

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