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Miracle Ozone Dentistry 

A New Anti-Decay Dental Practice


Did you know: A single tooth can host 500 million bacteria?

Ozone dental therapy is not new. Ozone dental therapy has been used in dentistry for decades in Europe, but has only been introduced to the U.S. fairly recently and is primarily practiced in alternative, holistic dentistry. Ozone (O3) is oxygenated water. Ozone is known to destroy disease microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi and helps improve cellular function, and promote the healing of damaged tissue.

Ozone therapy is highly sought after with holistic dentists since it naturally aids periodontal healing. Controlled ozone dental therapy is natural, safe, and free from side effects. Ozone dental therapy is used to treat some types of cavities, to maintain periodontal health, to reduce teeth sensitivity, and to disinfect teeth prior to dental procedures such as restoration.

Treating Tooth Decay Naturally

Ozone dental therapy gives holistic dentists a natural way to treat early detected cavities. Ozone dental therapy requires no local anesthesia, no drilling, and no filling. This quick and painless treatment requires a simple application of ozone to a patient’s affected tooth. The ozone immediately prompts the natural healing process of your tooth by remineralizing or recalcifying making the area stronger than it was before. The entire procedure takes minutes to complete, making it an ideal treatment for children.

Periodontal Disease

It is estimated that over 600 species of bacteria that live in the mouth. Oral bacteria are the main contributor to gum disease and tooth decay. Ozone dental therapy is an effective non-invasive treatment for patients with gum disease since the ozonated water can reach below the gum line to target and destroy bacteria without toxic chemicals or pain.

Teeth Sensitivity

At the Center for Dental Healing, Dr. Aver strives to provide the best dental care to optimize a patients overall health. Since ozone dental therapy works on healing and not masking problems that can develop again, in the end it is the least expensive treatment for oral care.

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More about Ozone Dental Therapy 

Full Mouth Ozone

Ozone therapy can be done on the full mouth

either with trays or without trays.

Without Trays: the ozone is applied along the gum line and is beneficial for gum health.

With Trays: Molds for trays must be taken and then the specialized trays can be ordered. With these trays that are fitted to a patient's teeth, the ozone is applied along the entire surface of each tooth as well as the gums surround them. Each tooth receives the benefit of ozone therapy.

Ozone Per Tooth

Patients can get ozone therapy on a specific tooth to treat problem areas that are demineralized or have light infection. Patients can also have ozone post extraction or root canal (before the healing cap is put on).


Ozone per tooth 
Full mouth ozone without trays
Full mouth ozone with trays
Ozone tray per arch 

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