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BPA Free, Metal Free Fillings & Bondings

Our office promises to never use materials that contain these harmful substances and highly encourage our patients to avoid them as well.

Looking at the Benefits

Health-conscious patients want safe alternatives and are seeking not only metal free alternatives, but BPA free as well. Dentists have an option when choosing their products and BPA FREE resin materials can be selected. 

Composite resin or metal free fillings are also a more conservative option because less of the healthy, natural tooth is removed for composite fillings/bondings verses amalgam. All of this results in a longer life span of the filling.

Conserving a patient’s natural tooth and using safe materials has always been of the utmost importance to our office. This is why we use only Bishphenol A (BPA) free and metal free fillings and bondings.

 Compsite fillings are not affected by changing temperatures unlike amalgam fillings- which expand and contract with the changing temperature of your mouth (cold/hot drinks/foods). This movement weakens the tooth wall which fractures the tooth allowing bacteria to enter, resulting in dental decay and disease. 

Composite materials like white resin or even porcelain, actually bond to the tooth verses amalgam with are placed in your tooth. This helps to restore strength to the tooth and provides a tighter seal.

In addition to being more stable than mercury amalgam and more resistant to fracturing- composite materials are more aesthetically pleasing and even take less time to harden during the restoration procedure than amalgam fillings

Please Avoid

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Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings (also known as silver or metal fillings which contain 50% mercury) do leach mercury into the mouth, and may contribute to many health issues.




controversial chemical found in plastics which has also been linked to health illnesses. Dental resin materials, like composite fillings and bondings, may contain BPA. Similar to metal fillings that leach mercury, studies found oral enzymes from saliva release BPA from resin dental materials.

Mercury Fillings:

Bisphenol A (BPA):

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