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A wellness cleaning for a healthy mouth. Recommended every 3-6 months depending on individual need. 

Types of Hygiene Appointments

Mouths at different stages of health require different types of dental cleanings.

Full Mouth Debridement (FMD)

Common for patients who haven't had a cleaning for a long time or who are prone to develop excess build-up tartar. Debridement involves removing thick deposits off the teeth above the gum before we can do exams or regular cleanings. 

Scale & Root Planing (SRP)

A deep cleaning where the hygienist does a thorough cleaning between the teeth and gums where deep pockets have formed. Sometimes split into several 90 minute appointments that are best scheduled closely together. 

Periodontal Maintenance

Necessary to keep pockets between the teeth and gums clean following SRP. Recommended every 3-4 months.

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