Can Sippy Cups Cause Tooth Decay?

Sippy cups are commonly used when your child is transitioning off of a baby bottle. However, there are some factors to consider before buying one to ensure the sippy cup doesn't do more harm than good.

What is tooth decay?

When sweet/sugary liquids are left on a child's tooth for too long, tooth decay starts to occur. The sweet liquids are used as food by bacteria which then produce an acid that harms the teeth.

These are three factors that, if not taken into consideration, can promote tooth decay for your child.

Three main factors to consider:

1. The type of cup

Try to go for a cup that doesn't have a valve because having the valve promotes the

child sucking for the liquid, when you actually want the child to sip. A cup with two

handles and a snap-on/screw-on lid are the best options when trying to pick a cup.

2. What is in the cup

Your child should be mainly drinking water throughout the day, but can be given milk or

juice during mealtimes. You should try to avoid giving sugary or soft drinks to your child.

3.Frequency of cup usage

The sippy cup should not be constantly utilized, especially if the main liquids it is being

used for are milk and juice (i.e. anything containing sugar). It should mainly be used for

mealtimes and avoided when the child is going to bed.

There are many factors that go into tooth decay, but when it comes time to purchase a sippy cup for your child it is important to keep these factors in mind to avoid the chance of tooth decay for your little one.

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