Metal Free Crowns 

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Also known as caps, are used to improve strength and restore the shape, size and color to a tooth. To avoid the possibility of metal toxicity and metal related health complications, Dr. Aver uses only porcelain and metal free crowns.

Crowns are used when:

  • A tooth becomes weak or with decay due to a large filling

  • To support a broken crown

  • After a root canal, to restore tooth appearance

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Crown Procedure

Prepare the tooth (drilling) - This consists of shaping and removing tooth structure. Tooth reduction is  dependent on the material selected. 


 Make impressions - Impression material is usually soft and easily conforms to the size of your mouth. This ensures the accuracy of the bite registration along with the finalized crown. 

Select a shade - Choose a the shade that is closest to your teeth where the crown will be placed. ​

Wear a fabricated (temporary) restoration - Provisional restorations are held in place for a minimum of 2 weeks with temporary cement while the crown is being created in a dental lab. 


Cement the finished crown into position - Enjoy your "new"  look!

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